Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 15 Favourite Wedding Related Items

At this time of the year I clean out all my folders and I always find it interesting when I come across images or items that caught my eye that I never got to post because I either forgot about them or they did not fall into a certain category. So here it is- my favourite wedding related things from 2012:-

Number 15:

Number 14:

Number 13:

Number 12:

Number 11 (Sparkler Send Off):

Number 10:

Number 9:

Number 8:

(Source: Glamour Magazine)
Number 7:

Number 6:

(Photographer: Emily Faulknor Photography)
Number 5:
(Source: Fairlady Magazine)
Number 4:
Number 3:

(Source: Etsy)
Number 2 (He Who Holds the Key to my Heart):

Number 1:


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