Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wedding Dress of the Day 32

One Love by Bien Savvy 2014 Bridal Collection

Bell Jars

Gone are the days where only scientists use bell jars... now they are used for much more glamorous reasons. Bride and Grooms are using bell jars to create beautiful centre pieces or to create food as a focal point. Bell jars are create at making something simple look expensive and classy.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wedding Dress of the Day 31

From the Hayley Paige 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

Pins of the Week

Cutting the Wedding Cake Early

This week we are discussing ways to keep the guests happy while the bridal couple has their photographs taken. Traditionally the cake cutting ceremony happens near the end of the evening and often signifies that events will be coming to an end. Often though most of the wedding cake goes uneaten because many guests are all danced out, have chosen to eat the other desserts or have just had too much alcohol by this point and considering how much a wedding cake costs this seems like a huge waste. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Your guests are hungry after your ceremony, you don't want to spend extra money on canapes and you want your wedding cake eaten, so serve your cake early! There are many advantages to serving your wedding cake straight after the ceremony as opposed to serving it later in the evening. For starters your guests get to fill their stomachs and your very expensive cake does not go to waste. It is also a great way for the bridal couple to quickly mix with their guests before running off for their photographs. And speaking of photographs, it looks beautiful to have your cake cutting ceremony photographed outside during the afternoon when everyone still looks fresh and done up instead of inside a dark hall after everyone has been dancing most of the evening. The disadvantage does come in though when you have to consider the type of cake you serve at that hour, as I doubt many guests would want to eat chocolate cake before they have dinner. Perhaps the different layers of your cake could be different flavours and if you had your heart set on having a chocolate wedding cake you could ask the venue to keep that layer aside to later serve with the dessert.

Let us know your thoughts on this nontraditional cake cutting ceremony. If cutting your cake early does not suit you look here for more ideas to keep your guests happy.