Monday, October 28, 2013

Popping the Question.. to your Bridesmaids!

Your bridesmaids are the girls who will stand by your side throughout all the crazy and often overwhelming planning of your wedding. On the day of the wedding a bride often expects her bridesmaids to continuously fix her dress, hold her bouquet, wipe her tears, calm her nerves, fix her makeup and even help her go to the bathroom (just to name a few duties…). With this in mind why not do something special for your bridesmaids when asking them to take on these duties? Lately brides are coming up with so many creative ways of asking her favourite girls to participate in their wedding that the options are endless from sentimental to humorous. However you do decide to ask them, I am sure they will be over the moon to be considered.  

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Will you include your Furry Friend on your Big Day?

“They are there to greet you when you come home from a long day at work, snuggle up with you on very cold nights, and are that one friend that you can have endless uninterrupted conversations with who will listen to all that you have to say and at the end, give you a kiss or two. So, it’s only natural that many brides and grooms opt for including their favorite four-legged friend into their special day.” – Quoted from Event Pros.

You will either love or hate the idea of including your pet in your wedding. There is no doubt that it often makes for very sweet photographs and for some couples their pets are basically their children so why not have them join in on the fun? It is my firm belief that when including animals and children you can never really predict that everything will go smoothly with no hiccups- a pet may become shy, irritated or over excited and then there’s no telling what mischief they will get up to. If you do decide to include them, try and remember to be practical about it and know your pet’s limits.     

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wedding Dress of the Day 26

Temperley 2013 Bridal Spring Collection

Needle and Thread Inspiration

I love it when couples incorporate a theme into their wedding that truly represents them- the trick to getting this right though- and not tacky- is to be subtle. Due to my personal interest in sewing when I came across this latest theme I completely fell in love. The different decor pieces you can create using the "Needle and Thread" theme are endless and very creative.

Photo by Tonya Joy

Cake by Cakewalk Bake Shop

Stationery by Blue Eye Brown Eye

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Keep your Guests Warm

If you are having a winter ceremony it's a good idea to keep your guests warm and by doing so you might even cross the favours off of your list.