Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Madame Zingara

I was very privileged to attend the Madame Zingara show and it was so fantastic it made me want to run away with the circus!

From the moment you walk through the arch way until you walk back out you are part of another world, a dream world, one that takes your breath away over and over again. The food was so yummy I could have eaten so much my friend would have had to roll me out of the tent. And speaking of the tent, one of only a handful in the world, what a beauty. Stain glass windows, magical colours and mirrors are all that surround you! The talent was also a first class act, with acrobatics, roller skaters and signers what more could you ask for?

But of course being a fashion designer the outfits are what stole the show for me. The colours and attention to the finer details are what inspired me the most! My two favourite outfits were a nude leotard with rhinestones that blinked in the light and a men’s outfit which I could have starred at all night!


Words can not describe the experience and thrill of this amazing show and I urge all to run out and see it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashion: Final Range

Here it is, my first outfit for our end of year range which I am currently sewing. The teddy will be made from stretch satin and the structured hood will be made from patterned upholstery fabric.

Board by Bianca van Rooyen (Just Bee)