Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elaborate Wedding Dress Backs

Wedding dresses with elaborate backs are simply stunning. I would not necessarily say it is a new trend because it has been around for years making most of these gowns timeless pieces with beautiful lace cutouts. During the ceremony your back is to your guests the entire time so why not give them something beautiful to look at. You will also get very pretty photographs from all angles on your perfect day.

Source: Pronovias
Source: Vuluz Reyez

Source: Inbal Dror
Source: Claire Pettibone

Source: Claire Pettibone

Source: Claire Pettibone

Source: Rosa Clara

 Source: Rosa Clara


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photographs of the Rings

Everyone wants that perfect shot of their beautiful and sparkly new ring and there so many different, creative ways of achieving this. Couples usually shoot their rings with props, while they are still in the ring box or while signing the register- below are some of my favourite ring shoots.

Source: landlockedbride.com

Source: oahuhawaiiphotos.com

 Wedding rings by Lisa stout

The Rings by Noee
Source: Chung Li Photography
Source: bridalguide.com


Shoe of the Week 18

These gorgeous shoes were spotted on createhdesign.com

Bow Crazy

Oh how I love Bows. They are so sweet, girly and romantic and it seems many other brides agree with me and have chosen to include them in their weddings. (Even Vera Wang did it!)


Wedding Dress of the Week 19

This stunning dress is from the Karen Willis Holmes 2013 Collection.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Candles at weddings are absolutely stunning. They create an atmosphere of romance and are far more cost effective then the different light effects that are now offered to brides and grooms. Candles also look beautiful in photographs.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oversized Flowers

I totally love flowers so what tops them? Oversized flowers of course. They are perfect for spring weddings in any colour, shape or form. Put them on cakes, use them as decor or accessories, even props- the trick is to just have fun with it.