Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's think green!

Earth Pledge, a non-profit organisation, stated that "At least 8,000 chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles and 25% of the world's pesticides are used to grow non-organic cotton”. Sustainable fashion is also known as “Eco Fashion” and is a very relevant topic in our society today. Sustainable design will not only impact the end product but also a designer’s business and production practices and although many people are concerned with “Going Green” and companies strive to be socially responsible; what is the fashion industry doing in relation to this matter?
A pair of denim jeans is one of the items of clothing that nearly everyone purchases and as a result it would only make sense for manufacturers to produce this garment in an eco-friendly manner. The large brand Del Forte Denim has proven that denim can be sustainable by rethinking their fabric choices and dying methods. They now own a line of organic cotton jeans and because of the high demand for jeans, they have created “Project ReJEANeration”. This project allows customers to exchange their old jeans for a 10% discount off their new pair and using these old pairs, they create new products with hand-embellishments and vintage trims.
An example of Del Forte's ReJEANeration from

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