Monday, January 23, 2012

Breaking Dawn Wedding- All the Facts

I know by now all Twilight fans have already seen the movie and the dress but now that all the facts have been revealed I thought I would share them with you.

Firstly there are the gorgeous wedding invitations which we see Bella and Edward's friends and family receive during the opening scene of the movie. Director Bill Condon comissioned Connor Fine Engraver & Stationer to create the invitations. The goal was to create a classic, not over the top, timeless invitation which would suit both of the characters. Each invite was hand-engraved on a steel plate and then individually stamped into 100% cotton paper while the envelopes were hand-lined in delicate silver tissue and sealed with wax. Due to all this hand work each invite would start selling at about $25. Although the invites are beautiful wedding etiquette experts say there was a lack of formality and punctuation but note that it can work for younger brides and grooms. To read more about the invites go here.

The plastic version wedding rings are available from for $35 while the real version with 13 diamonds (1.06 carats) and 14k white or yellow gold as well as the men's wedding band will cost you $2,400.

Bella's hairpiece was created by The Gilded Lily. The replica of her hairpiece- which is her something old and blue- is also available from for $28,75.

The round, white cake has 5 tiers, fondant pearls and fresh flowers and was created by  Fairy Dust Cakes.

The Edward and Bella wedding dolls are available from for $29.95.

Edward's tux was the responsibility of costume designer Micheal Wilkinson. They needed to find a tux which had an Edwardian feel but was still young and fresh. As well as being in charge as Edward's tux he was also responsible for the rest of the men in the wedding party. To get their hands on all these tuxedos they collaborated with tailors at Brioni in Italy. 

The "nightmare" dress which Bella wore was a wedding dress that was uncomfortable and something Bella would have hated. It was stiff and overly girly as well.

Bella's wedding shoe was designed by Manolo Blahnik and is called "The Swan". These shoes are available from Neiman Marcus for $1295 and are also available in black and bright pink.

And finally there is Bella's Carolina Herrera designed wedding dress. The dress features 152 buttons down the back and 17 on each sleeve and was custom fit to Kristen Stewart by Carolina herself and 4 seamstresses. The gown's estimated value is $35.000 and the replica is available from Alfred Angelo for $799. 

To see more go here

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