Sunday, March 11, 2012

Please Find Your Seat....

Brides often say that one of the most difficult parts of planning their wedding is deciding where everyone must sit. Once that is figured out then how do they display the seating chart and must they have a seating chart- what about escort cards? Basically any wedding should have table numbers, a seating chart and place cards or escort cards.

Seating charts are one of the first things guests see when arriving at the reception therefore it needs to fit in with the mood of the rest of your wedding. Lately many couples prefer to use escort cards because then they do not need to make individual place cards and they can also use the escort card as the guests' wedding favour. If the couple uses escort cards in place of a seating chart and place cards then they only need to decide which tables people sit at and not exactly where they sit at that table. There are endless options for couples when they create their table charts, place cards, table numbers and escort cards some of which require DIY projects, with some of the most popular resources being chalk boards, glass, vintage frames and mirrors.

Table Numbers

Photo by: Aaron Shintaku

Place Cards

Seating Chart


Escort Cards

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